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WhatsApp-free Application for its Users

Wasap If you are a user of an Android, Blackberry or an iPhone then you must be aware of WhatsApp or Wasap. This is an application which is compatible with these phones. This is a cross platform mobile application that allows you to send messages to other mobile without any cost. This messenger is introduced to facilitate value added services for the mobile phone users. The original name has been colloquially transformed to other names which have not affected its service and we normally do not go by name but by the usage of the product.

Descargar wasap This application has enabled the facility of sending simple text messages to a facility of sending videos, photos, audio and MMS as well. This application is handset specific and you are only allowed to avail the service if you have the compatible phone with you. The client – software is available in iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Symbian, and also for Nokia. Windows phone has also the facility to download this application and you can Descargar Wasap any time as it is totally free of cost. Installation of this software requires a user ID which is the phone number of the user. Once it is installed there is no scope of the account to get hacked and it thus secures the customer details.


Wassup is the most accepted application for its users and thus the mobile manufacturers are having a severe headache with the phone models that do not support this data base. The concept of sending plain text massages has turned obsolete after the introduction of this application. This has been rated the best by it users since this support text messages with pictures and videos. Wi-Fi or the data network is the media with which the application works on a phone. This is almost like the plan that is used in browsing the website or availing the e-mail service.

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